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What’s new in Koji Advance v1.0.0.17:

-Added Panasonic V-Log camera format for use with Panasonic cameras that use V-Log or V-Log L (GH4)
-Added Koji Go camera format for use with Koji Go iOS app.

How to install:

1. Run the Koji Advance Uninstaller to uninstall the current version of Koji Advance.
On Mac the uninstaller is located at HD/Applications/Koji Advance/Uninstall Koji Advance
On windows you can find it in Start Menu>Programs>Koji Advance>Uninstall Koji Advance
2. Run the new v1.0.0.17 Koji Advance Installer.
3. When prompted, click the “Browse” button and locate the .klc file that we emailed to you when you originally purchased Koji Advance. If you do not have you license file you can write sara@crumplepop.com and ask for a re-issue. Please include your Koji Advance order number when asking us to resend your license file.
4. Enter your name exactly as it appears in the email confirmation that we emailed to you when you originally purchased Koji Advance.
5. Complete the installation.
6. If you have chosen to install Koji Advance for FCPX. Please go to HD/Applications/Koji Advance and click the Koji Advance.app. This will open the Koji Advance app and display a window with the Koji Advance logo. You can close this window. This step registers the plugin on your system.
7. Restart your application (Premiere Pro, AE, or FCPX).

Note: Installing v1.0.0.17 should keep your existing projects intact that use Koji Advance. However, please back up your projects before installing this update.


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