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Koji Advance

Full-featured film emulation plugin for Adobe Premiere (Mac only), Adobe After Effects (Mac only), Final Cut Pro X (Mac only).

  • Before-Koji 3523
    After-Koji 3523
    As Shot Koji 3523
  • Before-Koji 2302BW LC
    After-Koji 2302BW LC
    As Shot Koji 2302BW LC
  • Before-Koji 3523
    After-Koji 3523
    As Shot Koji 3523
  • Before-Koji 2383
    After-Koji 2383
    As Shot Koji 2383


film stocks:
Koji 2383
Koji 2393
Koji 3514
Koji 3521
Koji 3523
Koji 2302 (black and white)

supported source formats:
Arri Log C
BMDFilm4.6K v3
Sony S-Log2
Sony S-Log3
Canon C-Log
Canon C-Log2
Canon C-Log3
Canon DSLR
Magic Lantern
GH2 hacked
GoPro Protune
GoPro Rec709
iPhone Video
Panasonic V-Log
Blackmagic Video
Sony FS Video

supported destination formats:

Adobe Premiere CS6+ (Mac)
Final Cut Pro X 10.1.4+(Mac)
Adobe After Effects CS6+ (Mac)

operating system
MacOS 10.9.5+

Koji Advance is designed to work with a wide variety of video formats, including DSLR, REDlogFilm, Arri Log C, BMDFilm, BMPC4KFilm, Sony SLog3, Canon C-Log, and Cineon.

As a full-featured software plugin, Koji Advance has many advantages or simple LUT files. We have built in a number of powerful color correction tools including an advance auto white balance, temp control, lift/gamma/gain, density, printer points, and advanced film grain taken from real 35mm negative stocks and applied adaptively.

Koji Advance takes care of most color space conversions for you. You can simply apply the Koji Advance plugin, refine your creative grade, and you are done. There is no need to figure out how to convert from your log format to Rec.709.

Koji Advance is designed to be a starting point for your own creative grade. Just like physical 35mm print stocks, Koji digital print stocks are a medium, not a finished “look”. Once you have applied Koji Advance, you will find that making subtle adjustments to the exposure, color, and film grain will allow you to craft your own look very quickly.

Koji Advance includes six 35mm motion picture film stocks. Each started out as physical print stock which was then carefully measured thousands of times and checked for accuracy. This information was then translated into a 3D LUT that could be applied to your digital footage.

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